Community Connexions Network Nova Scotia

About Us



To guide, enable, build and act on behalf of your community.



Connexions will strive to develop the community’s greatest potential through it’s children and youth, schools, families, leaders, small businesses, and local non-profits. By facilitating programs, offering online, and onsite resources, based on SEL principals, Connexions will enable beneficiaries to build on ideas that will engage community partnerships, and create positive change.



Build Partnerships

We strive to develop and strengthen relationships with community groups, corporate and non-profit organizations, and residents of communities in Nova Scotia; in order to strengthen the social capacity of each community, based on their unique needs.

Resources and Opportunities

Giving community members and partners the support necessary to reach their full potential by providing training and learning opportunities through innovative program and service delivery.


Helping individuals and organizations develop citizenship for community and province in a non-partisan form of program and service delivery that will create a sense of involvement and pride for one’s community and province.


We strive to provide a positive and inclusive environment for children, youth, families, staff, community members, and organization partners by demonstrating and encouraging integral relationships that will help foster personal and professional growth for all collaborators.


We work to develop and facilitate opportunities for children, youth, families and community partners by creating an inclusive and respectful environment that will enable 

community service, volunteerism and leadership that will develop generational change. 

about us

Connexions Introduction

Connexions’ aims to provide services that shift away from a brick and mortar model so that people are not asked to approach a specific location for resources; that may be inaccessible to them. We strive to bring Nova Scotians services and programming to the communities and the places that they use every day. All Nova Scotians should be able to access necessary services, regardless of personal circumstance. We also believe that service delivery should be based on data collected in each unique community-not based on universally obtained information, such as that collected in a provincial or national survey. Until now, there hasn’t been this type of focus on individual community needs.

Connexions work is based off the Connexions pillar strategy which is geared to engage beneficiaries in their own legacy through community. Built on the principal of ‘it takes a village’, Connexions integrates social and emotional learning components with supportive learning to facilitate necessary programs in the communities that need them. Our programs and services are unique to each need as we use the Connexions Strategy to create the change.

Connexions is divided into three departments: (1) Children, Youth and Families, (2) Community Development and Citizenship, and (3) Non-Profit and Partnership Building. We work together with these demographics, to develop partnership, create teamwork, and engage everyone in bettering our communities.