Community Connexions Network Nova Scotia

Community Connexions Network Nova Scotia

Community Connexions Network Nova Scotia Community Connexions Network Nova Scotia

Mission, Vision, & Values



To provide an opportunity for children and youth to try new things, get involved in their community, explore creativity, build relationships, and develop skills for life!


Vision Statement

All children and youth receive the support, relationships, opportunity, and inclusion to be healthy, active, and successful in society.



  We encourage members and their families to embrace healthy meals and participate in physical activity for a long and healthy life!



We welcome community engagement in our programs and fostering positive relationship among staff, members, families, and community. 



  We encourage and support every child and youth to experience new opportunities, explore life, engage in play, and learn and grow to achieve their dreams. 



  We support children and youth, no matter the situation, to encourage one another to be themselves and to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and that everyone, children, youth, families, volunteers, and staff are valued and treated fairly. 

Price Breakdown


Before and After School Program - $350/month

Just After School - $220/Month

Just Mornings - $100/Month

Part time care: $132 for just After School - $195 for Mornings and After School

All fee's include PD Days and March Break

Just want PD Days? Register for all 9 PD days for $270

March Break and Christmas camps Available as well! 

Have any Questions?

School Year Programs


About our After School Program

Connexions drops children off at schools in the mornings, and picks them up after school. Our program is divided into two programs areas.

1. Structured Activities

2. Unstructured Activities & Child Directed play

REGISTRATION: Please head to the bottom of this page! You will also find the schools we service.

Structured Activities

  • Crafts
  • Science Experiments
  • Facilitated Games
  • Gym Games
  • Team Builders
  • Facilitated Games

Unstructured Activities

  • Toys
  • Games
  • Self Directed High Energy
  • Social time with other children

The child directed play times are always under supervision. 

Outside Play

Although we are limited with outside space, we try to get the kids out as much as we can at the playground at Bell Ayr right behind our centre. There may be times that parents pick their children up at the playground. Weather will play a large role on when we go outside or stay inside the centre. 

About the Program

Schools We Service

  • Colonel John Stuart
  • Astral Drive
  • Caldwell Road
  • Bell Ayr
  • Portland Estates
  • Brookhouse

Drop off 7:00am 

Pick up 6:00pm

How To Register

Click the "register here" button to register for before and after school program, PD Days, or March Break. Once the information is filled out, you will get an email from our Program Director.